(chosen by Anne for Tuesday 7th April)

This is a poem about valuing the little things - and humorous for a difficult period.

My wife once used to laugh at
How much toilet paper I’d buy.
If it was January,
We could last until July.

You have to understand that there’s
A reason I conserve.
When I was once a youngster, we’d
No TP in reserve.

When you’re from a small farm
On the Dakota prairie,
The paper in the outhouse was a
Precious thing seen rarely.

The other option for us was
To use an old corn cob.
The problem with these wipers was
They made our bottoms throb.

One of the biggest reasons that
I loved to go to school
Was that their bathrooms had big rolls
And I thought that was cool.

In fact, most all the farmers then
Were paperless like me.
And having something soft to wipe
Was a fine luxury.

We had no paper napkins and no
Tissues for a nose,
We all used folded hankies kept in
Pockets in our clothes.

Now that we’ve had this crisis I am
Sitting here quite pretty.
I’ve plenty toilet paper, so my
Bottom won’t be dirty.

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