(chosen by David for Sunday 19th April)

"This is about the fate of our human heroes - we imagine their lives of effectiveness, energy - but really, after they have left us, what are they - stilled to just a symbol of what they meant to us, and destined to fade. Like cold, distant stars."

One by one they appear in

the darkness: a few friends, and

a few with historical 

names. How late they start to shine!

but before they fade they stand

perfectly embodied, all


the past lapping them like a

cloak of chaos. They were men

who, I thought, lived only to

renew the wasteful force they

spent with each hot convulsion.

They remind me, distant now.


True, they are not at rest yet,

but now that they are indeed

apart, winnowed from failures,

the withdraw to an orbit

and turn with disinterested

hard energy, like the stars.


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